Popping Popcorns with Traditional Tabletop Makers

Popcorn is simple and easy to make snack food which is prepared by many types of these machines. These machines generally come in small kitchen appliance categories through which one is can easily prepare delicious recipes of popcorns. There are relatively many types of machines available in the market. But the easiest and most convenient types of machine used in almost every house are the tabletop popcorn makers. This type is an idle solution to keep a hungry group of people watching a big game or movie on a lazy holyday away from the hunger. With this perfect tabletop model one can convert their kitchens to a snack bar producing delicious recipes of popcorn. These equipments are comparatively very easy to operate, maintain and clean. They are popularly known as the traditional popcorn makers as just because of their particular tabletop designs.

Popping Popcorns with Traditional Tabletop

It’s very easy to operate these machines and make the same fluffy, delicious pop corn just like you get at the movie theater. One can create a fun, family atmosphere with this versatile machine as it will be the hit of all your star-studded affairs! The tabletop models use hot air or oil for the process of popping corn. It is advisable to select model that pop corn with using hot air or oil. The reason behind this is these models have gained popularity in no time just because of their popping procedure through hot air which means fewer calories and low fat. These types of machine are liked mostly by the health conscious people. It has also been proved via research that oil-popped corn tastes the best and also liked by the kids. The various oil types which are used in these tabletop pop corn makers include olive oil, coconut and peanut oil.

Popcorn is a very versatile snack and consumed by almost all ages from big to small. The pop corn making machines which one use to only see in th movie theaters or inside a downtown fair has taken its place in our houses. Out of the various models used for this process the tabletop is convenient and easy, here are few models of the same maker explained with its features and advantages:

Sunbeam Tabletop Pop Corn Maker: This home pop corn maker from Sunbeam is of flashing red color covered with crystal clear glass from all around that allows everyone to peep inside and watch the whole process happening. This is an easy to operate and user friendly model of the company that enhances any movie watching experience. These traditional tabletop pop corn makers are equipped with a double-hung suspended kettle and a hinged lid for effortless operation. The kettle is made of sturdy stainless steel that ensures overall protection and installed with a motorized stirring mechanism thoroughly dips the essential parts with oil, while moving them around for even popping. It side-out drawers allow for easy serving.

Maxi-Matic EPM-450 Elite Tabletop PopCorn Maker: This machine is a retro-style table top hot oil pop corn maker. This Maxi-Matic model for easy home operations is installed with varied tool and applications like built-in stirring mechanism and large 4-ounce stainless-steel kettle. This unit has a capacity of 1-1/2 gallon of fresh pop corns.