Orville Reddenbacher Butter Flavor Popping Oil 16 oz

Orville’s Butter Flavor Popping & Topping Oil in a 16 ounce bottle gives popcorn a rich, buttery taste. You can use it as popping oil or a buttery flavored topping. This wonderful oil is great for popcorn made right on your stovetop. It’s got a real butter taste and has no hydrogenated oil. Since most microwave popcorn is manufactured with hydrogenated oil you will enjoy just popping corn using this fresh Orville Redenbacher popping oil. Popping corn fresh gives a fresher taste and you can actually control the additives using this healthy butter flavored oil. It is a great product.

Orville Reddenbacher Butter Flavor Popping Oil

Product Features:

  • Rich buttery oil that flavors the popcorn
  • Better than regular corn oil
  • Add to the top of your favorite popcorn
  • Great finishing to homemade popcorn

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