Real Theater Popcorn Popping Oil 16 oz

For the taste of Movie Theater Popcorn you can use this quality “hard to find” coconut oil. It is one of the real secrets to making real movie tasting popcorn. You have to try it to enjoy it. Truly it is the oil that makes the difference. Available in an easy to use package, this 16 oz popcorn oil is the best for popping corn anywhere.

Real Theater Popcorn Popping Oil

Use it on stovetop poppers or even on commercial popcorn popper. When you use this oil you probably won’t even have to add any butter to the popcorn after it’s popped – so no cholesterol and less fat. A special feature of this product is that it will not form black “varnish” inside or outside of your kettle. It is a clean oil.

This oil is solid at room temperature, and you will need to measure it out with a scoop from the container. This oil gives popcorn the fragrance, taste and color of commercially popped theater popcorn. Enjoy the awesome flavor and taste.

Product Features:

  • Coconut oil
  • Easy to use packing
  • 16 oz popcorn oil
  • A clean oil
  • Does not blacken
  • Solid at room temperature

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